– The Victoria & Albert museum has a theory concerning Grace Kelly, Princess Grace. She who was successively an anonymous theatre actress, a star in Hollywood and a European princess; she – the talented chameleon and in spite of all these changes- embodied a homogenous style throughout her life. A life under the sun and lights, and a tragic death in a car accident in 1982 that ensured her a place in the popular pantheon of the XXth century. To prove its theory the museum has deciphered that style presented as an original combination of a vamp and the girl-next-door. Grace Kelly was capable of wearing a casual pair of slacks as well as creations from the Parisian haute couture; she inspired Madonna, Kate Winslet or even designer Vera Wang. The exhibition presents her wardrobe throughout the decades, including in particular her famou s wedding gown. This exhibition is a progressive shift from the monographs of designers such as Madeleine Vionnet or Yves Saint Laurent towards the exaltation of simple fashion messengers. Would this want to prove that art can simply be a matter of style. This remains to be seen…
Grace Kelly: Style Icon at the Victoria & Albert Museum from 17 April to 26 September 2010
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