LONDON – Drawings are rarely given the importance they deserve, and very few exhibitions present this discipline, in spite of it being the mother of arts at the beginning of the Renaissance. This exhibit meets the challenge with «absolute» masterpieces such as View of the Arno in pen, both the first landscape drawing in European art and the oldest known work by Leonardo da Vinci (1473). It must be said that the efforts put together to organize this event are colossal, between the funds of the British Museum and the Graphic Cabinet of the Uffizi, in particular this choice of one hundred drawings, including Lorenzo Monaco, Michael-Angelo or Boltraffio that stages the evolution of the genre from 1400 to 1510, between the taste for the line typical of the Florentine school and the appetite for colors of the Venetians.
Fra Angelico to Leonardo, Italian Renaissance drawings at the British Museum, from 22 April to 25 July 2010.

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