Nude visions at the Von der Heydt Museum from 1st June to 15 August 2010
How has the practice of the nude evolved over the last century and a half? The Von der Heydt museum answers this question by crossing two techniques: painting, as old as the world, and photography, which has just celebrated its 150th anniversary and which is illustrated by pieces from the museum in Munich. The evolution, from the academy – the ideal and disembodied representation still practiced in the XIXth century – up to the flux of pornographic images that today invade internet and symbolise the «tyranny of the intimate» (Richard Sennett), has been notable. Certain images, considered insignificant in the past, seem clearly less acceptable in our society, such as these young Mediterranean ephebes immortalized by Von Gloeden. Naturalism, New Objectivity and Hollywood glamour are some of the themes that rhythm this plunge into nudes.    Map