LILLE – Baroque art is imminently theatrical, as we have always known. At the palais des Beaux-Arts they have decided to push this all the way, by taking a «guinea pig» – a little known pictorial cycle, dedicated by Paolo Finoglio (1590-1645) to the epic poem Jerusalem delivered by Tasso. The demonstration was entrusted to a contemporary creator, Alain Fleisher, movie director, director of the Fresnoy-national Studio for contemporary arts, and recently in charge of staging an exhibition on reading at the National French Library (BNF). The ten paintings designed for the castle of Conversano, in the Pouilles region, were staged like the sequences of a movie, based on the light effects and reverse shots. This is an original approach to give appeal to an art form conceived in the past as a sort of cartoon strip but we had lost the tools to decipher it a longtime ago. •Finoglio, un maître du baroque napolitain, mis en scène par Alain Fleisher at the palais des Beaux Arts, from 23 April to 12 July 2010.