Plugin | 58x83 | Acrylic on Canvas | 2011

From April 14 to June 6, 2012 – 101/Exhibit – Miami

San Francisco-based artist Ted Vasin display his thought-provoking paintings in a solo show titled Poison Bliss at 101/exhibit. Vasin, who has been with the Miami-based gallery for some time, has previously only participated in their group shows so this exhibit marks his fi rst solo outing with the edgy gallery.
“We think he represents a very important part of our program here at the gallery,” remarks Sloan Schaffer, owner of 101/exhibit, “and we think his imagery and techniques are unique and compelling, and we are excited to see the reactions from Ted’s work here in Miami.”
Schaffer notes that the materials Vasin uses and the narratives he creates within the works are unique and provocative. “I think it’s pretty provocative imagery and it almost feels psychedelic in nature. It’s going to be exciting,” he elaborates.
At first glance, collectors may think that Vasin’s works are drawings, but they’re both. They’re finely-crafted paintings using acrylic, metallic paint and graphite on canvas that relay Vasin’s distinctive technique and style. “The work is wild and it’s psychedelic and it’s contemporary and fresh,” adds Schaffer. “He’s not afraid to make a statement and his work sort of substantiates a lot of what he is thinking or feeling. It’s a strong narrative, and of course that fi ts within our program. We like to have work that you have to react to and engage with.” (Art Collector)

Monster | 60x48 Acrylic on Canvas | 2010

asin was born in Russia and currently lives and works in San Francisco. The artist has exhibited internationally including shows at the 101/exhibit, Limm Art Gallery, Davis Art Center, artMRKT Hamptons, Frey Norris Gallery, Tarryn Teresa Gallery, Sotheby’s New York, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam, Stanford Art Spaces and more. Vasin participated in two residencies through programs at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, exhibiting at the Palace of the Legion of Honor and the De Young Art Center. In 2006 Vasin was a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. His work has been reviewed by the ArtWeek, San Francisco Chronicle, ArtSlant and has been featured in the American Art Collector, New American Paintings, Fashion Week Magazine, Wired Magazine as well as online in Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructoze and Beautiful/Decay.

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