Berlin, 30th of July to the 10th of October2010 – Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations – IFA
“A Gentil Carioca”– roughly: “a friendly inhabitant of Rio” – is an art space founded by the artists Laura Lima, Marcio Botner and Ernesto Neto in the centre of Rio de Janeiro. In Berlin, “A Gentil Carioca” presents ten artistic positions in a collaborative installation, offering insights into the mode of operation of the art space as well as into the local art scene involving critical, artistic debates and playful, poetic landscapes. Founded in 2003, “A Gentil Carioca” has become a prominent centre of attraction for the local art scene: an important exhibition space for contemporary art, a meeting point for the exchange of experience, and a platform to experiment with new artistic formats.
The exhibition illustrates that differences and contradictions play an important part in the process of friendly cooperation. The ten participating artists form a sculptural organism, in which the works touch each other, form groups, confront each other or even develop from one another. The exhibition thus follows a logic of the unpredictable, the unstable and the uncertain, establishing new connections, provoking questions, and generating tensions.
Following to the show “Art Scene Viet Nam” last spring, “A Gentil Carioca” is the second exhibition in the series “connect:”, which in a diverse series of exhibitions, events and publications attempts to connect, contact, mediate and join different scenes in the field of the visual arts from Asia, Africa, Latin America and East Europe.
Participating artists:
Botner & Pedro, Carlos Contente, Guga Ferraz, Laura Lima, Jarbas Lopes, João Modé, Paolo Nenflidio, Ernesto Neto, Maria Nepomuceno, Alexandre Vogler

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