AMSTERDAM – «Nothing of the human realm is foreign to me» : this could have been the moto of Beep Elias-Vaes (1908-2002). This woman of the Dutch high society, married to the descendant of the famous admiral de Ruyter, occupied her free time after her husband’s demise in 1963 to an obsession, to collect. She was seized by a humanist thirst– we musn’t forget this is the lan d of Erasmus – and developed an interest in all cultures and accumulated thousands of objects, from the time of the Pharoes up to the avant-gards of the XXth century, side by side with armor, ceramics, books, ivories. This unique fund was preserved in the twenty rooms of a tiny museum in Rotterdam, but it could no longer ensure its survival. After giving certain works of art to museums, the executors of the will chose to scatter the rest of the collection in a sale: 4000 objects sum up 3000 years of hist ory, with prices starting at a few hundred euros.
Twenty Rooms, the private collection of the late Mrs Elias-Vaes atz Christie’s Amsterdam, from 27 to 29 April 2010.
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