Nick San Pedro

Until April 24th, 2011 – Sin City Gallery

Spring has sprung and Sin City Gallery is celebrating the season with American Shunga. Translated as “pictures of spring,” Shunga embraces traditional Japanese eroticism, as the season is a common euphemism for sex.

Presenting their interpretations of this centuries-old art form are local artist Nick San Pedro and Oakland-based photographer Geonni Banner. In his take on the classical genre, San Pedro uses erotic symbolism to create fantasies of pop culture personalities, like a ménage a trois between Zac Efron, Justin Bieber and Perez Hilton. Banner’s modern approach contrasts her photography with original shunga works.

A Big One 13” x 20”, Mixed Media

he exhibit, on display until April 24, will double as a fundraising effort for the recent tragedies that devastated Japan. Banner is donating sales from the show to the American Red Cross for their earthquake and tsunami relief efforts currently under way across the Pacific.

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