Wednesday, July 14th – P Street Pictures – Georgetown
Please join us in welcoming Andrey Bogoslowsky and his passionate flowers to “P Street Pictures. We believe nothing decorates a home better than a piece of unique art. That is why we feature a modern art gallery of innovative artists working to complement your taste and lifestyle.
Andrey Bogoslowsky Russian born artist who immigrate in 1988 to the United States, Live and Paint in Georgetown, Washington D.C.
Bogoslowsky’s  works surround us with the energy which vitally surges through him in life and flows freely through his brush:
“Art is a symbol of human Faith.  Visible touchable “things”.  Faces melted into its surroundings.  These are states of mind, moments of feeling a unity with all nature, spare splashes of life so impossible to capture, never the same.  So innocent, often called spacing out, feeling Tao, or feeling God in you, when you know you are God, the universe, the great ALL.  At these moments, the world as you know it (your reality), feels inseparable from you. You are the stars, the wind, the thoughts and in the space between, the thoughts.

No! Its not about me.
Its not about my ideas.
Its not about anybody’s ideas.
No ideas here.
No concepts, no rules, no structure…
Pure, wild stuff.
Nothing you might think as civilized, decent, or good or bad.
Nothing to do with logical, accountable, predictable nor organized.
No logic here.
Pure, wild spirit.
Unstained by politics, traditions, educations, good manners or ethics.
No rules.
Nothing at all.
The great void.
So void I am not even there.

I want to start painting vases.
Yes vases, of some sort of ancient look and descend.
Of course they will have an erotic look. they always have.
And I want them to look as if they were 5000 BC.
And inside them the shadows of more civilized cultures like: Laocoon group, or Nefretete, or african voodoo. And galaxies and shooting stars, and nebulas and all microscopic, small. As if it all fit in to that vase. The micro-world within the vase.”     Map