Anne Brégeaut - Briget was waiting for him with impatience, 2008 Gouache sur papier; 21 x 30 cm

Until the 26th of February – Semiose galerie-éditions

Half-way between conceptual and figurative art (which obviously do not have a vocation to systematically oppose one another), Anne Brégeaut can build small wooden reliefs, exhibit a broken, glued back, cup and even draw with talent scenes full of color or boards with abstract motives. She is not the ideal client for taxonomists… If it were necessary to find a link between these diverse expressions, it would probably be the ever-growing power of the past, which is dissected like an intense emotion, like a wound that has not yet healed. These Petits Paysages oubliés (Little forgotten landscapes), that carry in their bags green, childhood forests, these gouaches on wood or on paper, peopled by lovers, by lions, by pink cars, lost in jungles of wall paper, inevitably make us think of an ideal past, a source of permanent nostalgia.

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