Antònia del Río

From the 20 January to 19 February 2011 – Fundació Suñol

White Whispers, the Absent Library is the resulting work from the first edition of the post-production grant awarded to Antònia del Río by the Fundació Suñol, in collaboration with the Master’s in Artistic Productions and Research (PAIR) from the University of Barcelona.

The Majorcan artist exhibits an installation that alludes to the mechanisms of transmission and loss of knowledge, using the representation of a nearly imperceptible library as a metaphor for the storehouse of memory—memory as a construction of discourse, knowledge and thought, as a means to preserve lived memories and experiences and as a resource for avoiding the loss of knowledge that each change of generation entails. It is an intimist work on books, reading and their comprehension, the disappeared knowledge from books that no longer exist and the traces they have left us behind. The piece is accompanied by a documentation space where spectators can consult the readings that were the basis for giving shape and content to the project.

The Fundació Suñol’s Nivell Zero hosts different avant-garde artistic productions with its own projects and also in collaboration with other institutions. In a line of strong commitment to training young artists, in 2009 the foundation signed an agreement with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona to award a grant to a graduate student in Art and Intermedia Contexts (PAIR Master’s). The award is for €6,000, and it provides the artist with a studio at the Fundació Suñol for six months to conceptualize and undertake the project. The foundation then assesses the project’s suitability to be exhibited at Nivell Zero, as was the case with Antònia del Río for having succeeded in creating an optimal work.

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