He is undoubtedly Arcimboldo’s heir. As a matter of fact, a work by Bernard Pras had been placed next to the exhibition the musée du Luxembourg in Paris had dedicated in 2007 to the Italian painter of the Renaissance. The son of a bicycle runner who had a few successes on the French roads during the tour de France, the artist has updated his predecessor’s approach. The elements with which he builds his trompe-l’œil are not so much bits of squash or eggplant as pieces of plastic, screwdrivers, bottle tops, and even – the maximum insult for sectarians of the Ancien Régime – rolls of toilet paper. As a matter of fact the latter form a perfectly possible wig for the Sun-King. His anamorphoses (see the video above) are real amazing feats using recycled objects. Bernard Pras’ work is too unclassifiable, too weirdly eccentric according to «official» art. His needs to be seen «for real», and yet enjoys no real visibility… •Bernard Pras is shown from 24 April to 15 May 2010 at the galerie Mazel, in Brussels (22 rue Capitaine Crespel).

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