Until October 24th 2010
Many are familiar with Bjørn Nørgaard’s work from the tapestries for the Great Hall at Christiansborg Palace (the seat of the Danish Parliament), from The Horse Sacrifice – or from his recent project of creating a tomb for the current Queen and Prince Consort. Bjørn Nørgaard is very much present in the public eye as an artist, debater, critic, and agent provocateur.

The exhibition Re-modelling the World presents Bjørn Nørgaard as an uncompromising artist who is always challenging habitual notions about art. Here you can get an overview of – and immerse yourself in – the work of one of the greatest Danish contemporary artists. His art is overwhelming, and he is immensely productive. The exhibition presents a total of 115 works from his almost 50 years as an active artist, showcasing his life’s work so far in chronological order, beginning in the mid-1960s and leading up to our present day.  The works themselves span the media of sculpture, actions, installations, film, and graphic art.

About the title: Re-modelling the WorldBjørn Nørgaard remodels the world over and over again. He examines and explores materials, shapes, cultural notions, and ethical issues. The exhibition title is, then, a reference to Bjørn Nørgaard’s way of working, but also to a concrete work.
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