Sexy Bubbles Acrylic on Canvas 48” x 60”

From August 4 to August 27, 2011 – Sin City Gallery

Sin City Gallery has established a reputation for exhibiting sophisticated, alluring and thought-provoking artists.  The gallery continues to courageously expand its presentation of both national and international artists who provoke the viewer to think with their senses and feel with their minds.
Mod enthusiasts are going art-crazy with Bobby Logic’new series “Sexy Bubbles” at Sin City Gallery.   Logic paints a color-drenched dream world that is modern, sexy and hip. The gallery is filled with an explosion of neon-bright cityscapes such as Tokyo Rush and mod women like Double Agent. Logic’s paintings capture emotion as vibrant and real as life itself.  His work is deceptively simple, giant canvases whose riot of color is energizing rather than overwhelming because of Logic’s skill with the paintbrush.
Gallery Director Laura Henkel says, “People are already calling to see what is available.  It’s really groovy that his work touches so many in such a positive way!”

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