Until September 26th 2010 – Parco Arte Vivente – Center of contemporary art Torino
PAV presents Praeter naturam, the first solo exhibition in a public institution of the New York based artist Brandon Ballengée (Sandusky, Ohio, 1974), one of the protagonists of the Bio-art and a biology researcher himself. The exhibition title, curated by Claudio Cravero, from Latin means beyond the nature. In fact, it refers to amphibian species with deformations in tissues and joints analyzed in the recent Ballengée’s studies. These morphological anomalies are due to serious environmental factors linked to pollution, and they don’t generate monsters, but specimens beyond the ordinary nature. Then, the artist’s work can still augment the attention given to topics on defending the world with declarations of respect for otherness and biodiversity. At PAV Ballengée shows the results of his Ecoactions, articulated recognitions in the fields and laboratory testing particular species of amphibians that – since 1996 – he has carried out in some areas of England, California and Canada, and recently in Turin with PAV Ecoaction, a workshop made in collaboration with The Turin Po River Park.

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