Peter Paul Rubens, Mars et Rhea Silvia, vers 1616/17 © Collections Princières du Liechtenstein, Vaduz-Wien.

From the 4th of June to the 2nd of October 2011 – Palais Lumière Evian

Splendeurs des collections du prince de Liechtenstein: Brueghel, Rembrandt, Rubens
Lichtenstein has always been known for being a tax haven or, in another, lighter sector, as the crib of a family of ski champions, the Wenzel brothers. For some time now, and mostly since the reopening of the Lichtenstein museum in Vienna, in 2004, the tranquil duché has recovered a reputation that suits it just as well – that of a unique art centre with an exceptional princely collection, enriched uninterruptedly from the Renaissance up to our day. Following the aborted exhibition in London last year, a few of its finest samples have finally travelled to us. The palais Lumière presents some one hundred works, among them Bruegels, Rembrandts, Rubens and Canalettos, some of them in large formats, and a beautiful selection of Amerling, the leading artist of the Biedermeier. But there are sculptures as well – and, the least expected part of the exhibition – furniture with a sumptuous cabinet in de p ierres dures by Melchior Baumgartner

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