From the 23rd of September to the 17th of October 2010 – Futura Contemporary art Center – Karlin Studios
This exhibition is a detective story with a plot and denouement based on the reoccurrence of child illnesses. In the past, when we were all someone else, our parents used to take us to our ill peers in order for us to get infected, We were brought to the source of infections in good faith; by getting infected we may prevent the illness occurring at an older age – with much more serious consequences. Returning back in time lets us imagine how with one hand we grab our fathers rough palm and with the other our mothers detergent scented hand, and between the two we hop away to get infected by our neighbors daughter. Together with the actual or rather imaginary journey into the souls of the artists, exhibited works manifest a certain methodology of introspection. This method points to objectivity or general applicability. Thus, we expect visitors to be tempted and apply such analyses on themselves.

Participating artists: Miroslav Barták, Zbigniew Libera, Václav Magid, Viktor Pivovarov, Roee Rosen, Monika Zawadzki

curators: Vasil Artamonov a Pavel Sterec
architecture: Alexey Klyuykov

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