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Pak Hyon Chol - Rammstein - 111x162 cm - Acrylic on canvas. 2013

Pak Hyon Chol – Rammstein – 111×162 cm – Acrylic on canvas. 2013

From March 26 to the 21st of June 2014 – Galerie Son

Galerie Son is showing both two North Korean artists – SIM Kwang Chol and PAK Hyon Chol – and three South Korean artists – Kwang LEE, Junggeun OH and KWUN Sun Cheol.
This extraordinary exhibition gives you the opportunity to compare artists from a divided country, united by a common past and traditions but having been trained and living and working in totally different ways.

KWUN Sun Cheol, stemming from a generation preceding the other painters in this exhibition, is one of the most distinguished artists from Korea. Born in 1944 in Chang-Won, South Korea, he has been living and working in Paris since 1989. He is famous for his huge painted faces. The effects of history on people are a central subject in his work. His picture on show, “Soul (Body)“, shows a dark skeleton swinging across a grey background which could be read both as a decaying corpse, the incarnation of the misfortunes of war and partition, or an anguished soul.

Kwun Sun Cheol - Soul - 200x240 cm - oil an wire on canvas - 2012

Kwun Sun Cheol – Soul – 200×240 cm – oil an wire on canvas – 2012

The two painters originating from North Korea had the exceptional opportunity of having been able to spend some weeks in Berlin on invitation by galerie son and so they could get some new inspiration and give a try at new kinds of subjects, such as SIM Kwang Chol did in “Night in Berlin“. His depiction of a famous equestrian sculpture of Frederick the Great on the avenue Unter den Linden has an eery quality about it, he chose a perspective which allowed him to confront it with the television tower and the Berlin Dom, making these symbols of the greatness of past ages lose their intended impact. A similar subject was picked up by South Korean Junggeun OH: he appropriates random contours of emblematic urban architecture to transform them in weightless aesthetic surfaces. SIM is equally virtuous at portraying people. For instance, he painted Sabine Moritz, Gerhard Richter’s wife, descending a staircase, an allusion to the famous work by her husband.

Sim Kwang Chol - Sabine descending a stairway - 194x138 cm - Oil on canvas - 2013

Sim Kwang Chol – Sabine descending a stairway – 194×138 cm – Oil on canvas – 2013

PAK Hyon Chol shows a more traditional and Asian looking landscape, a creek surrounded by colourful autumn foliage, which is quite impressive regarding both the size, the colourfulness and the realisticdepiction, albeit being an ideal landscape. He also painted German Rock band Rammstein.
Although looking at first sight very different, these painters have some similarities in their approaches: the heightened sensibility regarding atmosphere created by light in the landscape, the ambiguity between the real and the imagined and the subtle questioning of the role of architecture. These artists tackle borders of different kinds as their subject matter

Galerie Son

Dürer – Frankfurt – Germany

Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) - Der heilige Hieronymus im Studierzimmer, 1521

Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) – Der heilige Hieronymus im Studierzimmer, 1521

From October 23. 2013 to February 2, 2014

It is very rare to have the opportunity to see all together as many works by Albert  (1471-1528), one of the major artists of the Renaissance. The show will encompass more than 280 works, including some 200 from Dürer many as prints, the art form the gold gilder’s son excelled in as well as a beautiful selection of paintings. It will feature the German master’s oeuvre in the full breadth and diversity of the artistic means of expression he employed. Panel and canvas paintings, drawings, prints made with various printmaking techniques, and books written and illustrated by Dürer will all be on view. Dürer’s on-going exploration of the works of German, Netherlandish and Italian artist colleagues will be one of the central themes of this Old Master exhibition in Frankfurt, which will place his works and their emergence in their historical context. To this end, works by forerunners, contemporaries and pupils such as Martin Schongauer, Hans Baldung Grien, Hans von Kulmbach, Jacopo de? Barbari, Giovanni Bellini, Joos van Cleve or Lucas van Leyden will enrich this major exhibition project.

Giovanni Bellini (zwischen 1430 und 1435–1516) - Portait eines Venezianers

Giovanni Bellini (zwischen 1430 und 1435–1516) – Portait eines Venezianers

lbert Dürer was a pioneer of copyright and mail order sales as well as salesmen and a favorite of the princes.
The anecdote of Rudolf II having a company of men on foot carrying :”The Feast of the Rosary” from Venice to Prague remains well known. Dürer was a virtuoso not only of portraits but of natural history (his Hare is a universal best-seller), an illustrator of painted glass and a writer. The panels of the famous Heller altarpiece have been brought together for this event while works by his contemporaries (Lucas de Leyde, Bellini or Schongauer) help the viewer to better understand his restless genius, which in his famous Melancholy delivers a manifesto of Western neurosis.

Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528), Portrait of an Unknown Man, 1521 (1524?). Oakwood, 50 x 36 cm. Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado. © Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado

Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528), Portrait of an Unknown Man, 1521 (1524?). Oakwood, 50 x 36 cm. Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado. © Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado

tädel Museum

Robert Longo, Black and White – Nuremberg – Germany

Robert Longo, 2012 – Tiger – 33 x 42 inch – Archival pigment print on paper

From February 1st 2013 to March 30th 2013 – Galerie Fluegel-Roncak

Robert Longo who was born 1953 in Brooklyn/New York, is an American Artist who became famous for his large scale photorealistic charcoal drawings.
He has developed several distinct bodies of work including monsterwaves about to break, atomic clouds rising into the sky, sharks or tigers. The bombs and the waves are things that exist at the moment of their being he explains: a bomb is meant to explode, a rose in born to bloom, a wave is destined to crash. They are at the moment of their fulfillment.

Robert Longo – The Face, 2005 – Pigmented print – 38 x 39 inches

obert Longo has had retrospective exhibitions at the Hamburger Kunstverein and Deichtorhallen; the Menil Collection in Houston; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago; the Hartford Athenaeum and the Isetan Museum of Art in Tokyo and many more.
His works are in all major museum collections worldwide.

Galerie Fluegel-Roncak

Harding Meyer – features – Dusseldorf – Germany

Harding Meyer

From Sept 07, 2012 to Oct 06, 2012 – Gallery Voss
Harding Meyer´s central theme still is the grappling with the human physiognomy, to which he adds, in his current exposition “Features”, a new approach by transforming photographic works.

Over the last fifteen years, he has consequently developed further the solitary portraits integrated in the paintings. The models are mainly taken from the wide range of the media: he searches magazines, the internet and TV for the starting point of his pictures. In a long forming process, layer by layer, Harding Meyer turns the media stereotype into the individual intended: the picture as picture. He reconstructs a biography, the biography of faces generated by the media, but the aim is the creation of anonymity as identity.

Harding Meyer

For the first time Meyer offers a look into his photographic activities, the origin of which can be found in his collection of portrait photographs.
In “Features” he shows a photographic series of collage-like “sculptures”, in which he mixes elements of various faces. He cuts out facial fragments, pins them to faceless Styrofoam heads, sometimes adding a glass eye, and finally equips them with hats thus creating heads that will strike the spectator as human and artificial at the same time. Here it is the right eye of a prisoner meeting a model´s glaring red lips, there it is coarse-grained pixel noses and most delicate eyelashes. To take pictures of such objects he uses the iPhone as well as traditional cameras.

Gallery Voss

El Greco and Modernism – Düsseldorf – Germany

El Greco and Jorge Manuel, Immaculate Conception, 1607-1613, oil on canvas, 108 x 82 cm, © Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. Madrid

From April 28 to August 12, 2012 – Museum Kunstpalast

It is for the first time that the elective affinity between early Expressionism and El Greco is examined with direct reference to originals and that the phenomenon of an Old Master becoming the catalyst of a young avantgarde art movement is illustrated this vividly. The intention is to reveal the multifaceted levels on which exponents of Expressionism concerned themselves with El Greco’s pictorial world. In the process, attention is paid to the genres of religious painting as well as portrait and landscape painting. A wealth of works tell us of the profound fascination which, quite astonishingly from today’s perspective.

The Vision of Saint John, aka The Opening of the Fifth Seal (1608-1614), oil on canvas painting by El Greco, 222.3 cm x 193cm, located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

El Greco inspired Beckmann, Macke, Kokoschka, Franz Marc and all the German avant-garde of the XXth century? This is one thing most had forgotten but this exhibition “El Greco and the Modernists” is here to remind us. It is presented one century after the storm that took place when the paintings by El Greco arrived on German soil. They belonged to the Nemes collection, and were presented in Berlin, then in Dusseldorf in 1912 and finally at the Städtische Kunsthalle. It was there that the young artists were able to see this strange artist up close and the way he transformed proportions using an aggressive palette, filling his compositions with ecstatic characters with wax-colored complexions… One hundred years later, the dream of bringing together the great master and his students is finally a reality. Next to some forty paintings by El Greco, brought in from the Metropolitan, the Louvre or Toledo, we h ave works by Beckmann, Lehmbruck or Oppenheimer put in counterpoint, proving that Cézanne was not their only reference.

Museum Kunstpalast

Fabián Marcaccio: “The Structural Canvas Paintants” – Duisburg – Germany

Fabián Marcaccio: "Child Soldier Structural Canvas", 2011, pigmentierte Tinte auf Leinwand, Aluminium, Alkydharz-Farbe, Silikon, Foto: © LehmbruckMuseum, Courtesy Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris

Until June 17, 2012 – LehmbruckMuseum

Fabián Marcaccio, born in Rosario de Santa Fe in Argentina in 1963, has been living and working in New York for more than twenty years. He became known in Germany, first and foremost, for his solo exhibitions at the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart (2000), the Kunstverein Köln (2001) and for his participation in the Documenta XI (2002).

Since the early 1990s Fabián Marcaccio is concerned with questioning and expanding the classical concept of painting. In his “Paintaints” – a neologism formed from the terms “painting” and “mutant” – the concepts of painting, sculpture and object art are fused. The continually increasing sculptural tendency of his works has been recently condensed into large figurative tableaus, “Structural Canvas Paintants”, due to whose outstanding sculptural quality he was awarded the Bernhard Heiliger Award for Sculpture. In his new group of works Marcaccio seizes on contemporary subjects from politics, economy and society. Among them are globalisation, bank crashes, transsexuality, genetic engineering and terrorism as well as the role of the media. In “CNN-Paintant”, for example, he shows the frazzled body of a reporter working for the Cable News Network that lies on the floor and thus points to the never-ending infotainment culture of war, blood and horror that informs our visual everyday life. Like in a kind of modern history painting, Marcaccio tells about contemporary historical moments or events but asks his spectators to question their verisimilitude.


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