Until August 29 2010 – The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
The Masterworks of Charles M. Russell: A Retrospective of Paintings and Sculpture.
A painter, sculptor, and humorist of the American West, Charles M. “Charlie” Russell (1864-1926) is familiar to millions around the world. Virtually self-taught, Russell began to paint early in his career as a cowboy. Later on, as a full-time artist, he provided inspiration to Hollywood´s first filmmakers.

With first-hand knowledge of cowboys and outlaws, trappers and hunters, Native Americans, and Western wildlife and wilderness, Russell presents an unparalleled view of a bygone American culture, rich in authentic detail and infused with personal passion.

This first major retrospective of Russell´s work illustrates that his variety of subject matter and range of expression reveal a much more complex artist than typically recognized, one who was in many ways dedicated to depicting the marginalized peoples—outsiders, prodigals, those on the fringes of society—of the time.

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