Scott Reeder. Narcissus Cop, 2010. Courtesy of Luce Gallery, Torino, Italy

From Nov 1, 2011 to Jan 24, 2012 – The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Scott Reeder’s first solo museum exhibition includes new figurative paintings in his signature idiosyncratic style—for instance, anthropomorphic foods, fruits, and plants smoking cigarettes or enacting the myths of Sisyphus and Narcissus, and, most recently, abstract paintings made with cooked and raw spaghetti. Reeder’s faux-naïve approach complicates the gravitas of his subject, namely the history of painting and the macho, academic nature of much of that history, with saccharine colors, atypical materials, and oddball subjects. At the same time, his work challenges established tastes and values. For this exhibition, Reeder creates a large-scale, site-specific wall painting from his abstract spaghetti series for the second-floor lobby wall and screens his first feature-length film, Moon Dust, a futuristic story of a failing resort located on the moon.

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