July 31st – August 28th, 2010 – Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin
In our summer exhibition Chinese * we present well acknowledged international ‘Stars’ such
as Yang Shaobin and Fang Lijun as well as established artists such as Wang Shugang and
Chen Guangwu who work in different media.
The classical Chinese ink painting is experiencing a new interpretation in correspondence
with Western art as well as the sculptures of Chen and Yang (both cast by Noack, Berlin) also
formulate a new relation to European art of the 20th century.
This – within the ratio of the Far East and the West – ongoing discussion is obsolete for the
young generation of Chinese artists, since most of them grew up in Europe as in case of Ce
Jian or studied in London or Beijing as Lu Song and Zhang Hui.
While it had been difficult to travel in general for the earlier mentioned generation of Chinese
artists at the beginning of the 90s – they were challenged to prise open cultural and political
isolation. In contrast the young artists, all born in the late 70s and early 80s, work in studios
in Berlin and Beijing. Here they create paintings that combine the still perceptible different
cultural influences to a perfect fusion.

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