October 9th 2010 – February 6th 2011 – Aarhus Museum of Modern Art
With works in materials ranging from marble to margarine Christian Lemmerz challenges the concepts of life and death, body and soul, goodness and evil. With his at the same time beautiful, fascinating and repulsive sculptures he leads the viewer into a captivating universe – a universe where aesthetics lead spectators through different aspects of the human psyche, through the spiritual strata of the mind and its darker, repressed sides.

Over the course of two years, ARoS has worked closely with Christian Lemmerz on setting up the comprehensive exhibition, which features his large-scale, painstakingly crafted marble and bronze sculptures as the central works. For the first time the huge sculp-tures are displayed together and by placing the works within simple, yet impressive architecture, the audience gets a chance to move around the sculptures and explore how Lemmerz uses the classical materials to create a series of large-scale sculptures which masterfully unite his unique approach to sculpting with a range of modern, relevant, and at times provocative themes.
Christian Lemmerz – Ghost also presents a series of Lemmerz’ other sculpture works. In several of the works you can see Lemmerz ‘preoccupation with the body, the abnormal and the deformed, and with sculptures made of margarine, bronze, plaster, silicon, aluminum and plastic you get a good idea of how many different materials Lemmerz has worked with in his art.
The exhibition also presents a series of Lemmerz ‘newest works in silicone and Jesmonite – materials borrowed from the movie world, where they are usually used to make ‘special effects’.

Christian Lemmerz was born in 1959 in Karlsruhe, Germany and now lives in Italy and Denmark. He participated at a wide range of exhibitions in Europe, USA, and China, e.g. in Brussels, Cologne, Barcelona, The Hague, Paris, Toronto, São Paolo, and New York.
Christian Lemmerz is represented in several private collections, in The Saatchi Collection in London, and at a number of Danish art museum, including The National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst), where he recently showed the exhibition Largo, 2009-10), Horsens Kunstmuseum, and ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum as the museum owns a total of 20 sculptures and video works by Christian Lemmerz as well as a range of graphic works by the artist; all were created from the early 1980s on-wards.
Lemmerz has also created illustrations for books and crafted stage sets for several opera and theatre productions. He has re-ceived a wide range of grants and awards for his artistic work.

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