From the 8th of April to the 7th of May 2011 – Mazel Galerie

Connivance of the paper, wood grain pleasure, happiness of the hand, the paper is on edge as well as the wood…

“Born in Paris in 1947, I pursued a course of literary studies at the Sorbonne, to a degree in philosophy.
Wishing to adopt a more concrete activity, I enter the studio of Jean-Louis Gonnet in Antibes, where I spent six years collecting all the technical implementation on the material of my predilection: wood. I open my own shop in Valbonne in 1975, where I did my first sculptures.
Back in Paris the following year, I present my first exhibition at Galerie Alain Blondel. Over the years my interest in the specific material things as a subject became more prevalent, like carved wood through various forms, to the [hyper] realistic work, almost abstract.
Since 1984, I experiment in creating monumental works where I mixed art and imagination in very different materials (cast iron, bronze, aluminum, gardens, etc.) often with the tone of an imaginary archeology. Installations in Saumur, Tokyo, Sapporo, Atlanta, San Francisco, Monte Carlo, Aytré La Rochelle, Paris, Reims, London, Saumur, etc.. witness it.
For seven years, I decided to devote full time again in my work on wood, around “material things”, and I installed my studio in Loire Valley near Chenonceau, where I work alternating with Paris in my studio in Issy-les-Moulineaux.” Christian Renonciat

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