Christoph Hinterhuber - superstar (09 re edit) - 1996 - 2009 - 3D-Simulation

From the 26 March to the 26th of May 2011 – Gallery Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman

For about twenty years, Christoph Hinterhuber has been devoting himself to sign systems, to language and music, to visual and acoustic culture, and to the functioning of systems and structures. His trademarks are the obsessive use of the complementary colours pink and green, as well as of black and white. Hinterhuber is not only an artist and media artist, but also a DJ, as such being an active part of the sub-cultural musical scenes emerging, at the end of the eighties, together with the techno and cyberpunk movements. Consequently, visual and acoustic aspects tend to merge in his work. For the exhibition Futurist, Christoph Hinterhuber has conceived a wall painting, entitled “Download”, for the 14-metre wall at the gallery, as well as 22 paintings on canvas, partly forming thematic series, such as sodom & gomorrhaha”, which consists of two monochrome black paintings, measuring 100 by 100 cm, and one text picture, black on white, also 100 by 100 cm. The six-part work “oT6” is a group of square pictures, following a rhythm in white, pink and black.
“The comparison between digital art and painting in this case is not a metaphor, for the working method of Christoph Hinterhuber indeed is the working method of a painter, even when he produces his pictures with the help of digital techniques. ” Robert Fleck in coming closer (2003) “Christoph Hinterhuber’s art may be regarded, in the terms of Hakim Bey, as a neo-conceptual semantics of temporary autonomous zones, as a process of translating untransfigured virtual reminiscences into the media of painting, installation, computer animation, linguistic and techno sound. Yet it may equally be regarded as a manifestation of a striving for a high state of social entropy, as the ecstatic celebration of a hallucinatory techno utopia, a ménage à trois of art, capitalism and constructivism. ” Andrei Siclodi (2010)
Christoph Hinterhuber, born in 1969, lives and works in Innsbruck.

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