July – August 2010 – Gallery Montecatini
“CONJUGATED BODIES” invites us to observe human beings in their diverse activities, just like conjugating a verb, images of characters appear who love, wait, search, run, feel happy and sad, become quiet, and submerge themselves in an eternal embrace,

Joyful colors, simplicity of shapes, deep feelings of human bodies, are manifested in these paintings.  The red, yellow, ochre and violet tones seek to transport us and transmit the sensation of both dawn and sunset.

The texture and the lines used in these paintings intend to be full of energy, strength and determination; connecting the light, shapes and space like a discourse in which we can see presences that dominate sensations, figurations and abstractions,  blotches and gestures, moments,  silences and liberated emotions.

These paintings are formed by vibrations that make us think about the   transcendence of man and woman.

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