Craig Handley - who'sthatcrankybastard - oil on canvas - 66 x 76 cm

10 March – 28 March – Gallery Richard Martin

Craig Handley’s work has already found its way into private collections around Australia as well as overseas to Hong Kong, New York, Scotland and Singapore.

Craig Handley- incoming - oil on canvas - 76 x 92 cm

like … enigmatic and mysterious subject matter; the frozen, unreal atmosphere of a stage or film set; to deliberately juxtapose elements to aim for uneasy mood; to create a slightly unsettling feeling of the familiar but yet unknown.
My work is a medley, a collage of all the things I come across while travelling about. They are rearrangements, a hodgepodge of places and objects and light. Painting for me is also about introspection, an attempt to make sense of all the imagery of my mind and cobble it together into a painting; I like to delve into my personal history, both the emotional and the visual. My early training as a sign writer ingrains a tight control that is hard to shake. The years spent telling stories visually in animation give my work that ‘here is the camera’ sort of feel.”

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