Salvador Dalí – Guillaume Tell -1930 – Huile et collage sur toile – 113 x 87 cm

21 November 2012 to 25 March 2013 – Centre Pompidou

This new major Dali (1904 – 1989) happening is showing over two hundred works. The great classics such as the ‘soft clocks’ or the illusions and optic games will not be alone. The aim of the exhibit is to show the wide variety of Dali’s production, without hiding his darker sides such as his flirtations with Franco’s dictatorship but by showing his pioneering role in staging the artist for the media or i n presenting a performance as a genre in its own right.

Salvador Dalí – Dormeuse, cheval, lion invisibles – 1930 – Huile sur toile – 50,2 x 65,2 cm

Centre Pompidou