Dan Colen - Peanuts To be titled #32A, 2007 Oil on canvas, 1 of 7 parts Overall dimensions vary with installation Astrup Fearnley Collection

From 20 January to 24 April 2001 – The Astrup Fearnley Museum

The Astrup Fearnley Museum is proud to announce a forthcoming solo show with Dan Colen (b. 1979). Colen is part of New York’s ‘downtown’ art scene – the so-called ‘Bowery School’, which includes, among others, Nate Lowman, Terence Koh and Ryan McGinley. Based on elements from mass media and experiences from contemporary life with a subcultural language, he creates a personal remix that highlights beautiful and magical aspects of undervalued, everyday life. His artistic production encompasses photographs, painting and sculptures, and includes, among other things, Disney motifs and chewing gum on canvas, painted sculptures with ‘low-cultural’ references, graffiti-inspired text paintings and large installations with performative elements.

The New York-based band I.U.D. will be giving a concert at the opening of the exhibition. The band, whose members are Lizzie Bougatsos and Sadie Laska, are known as an “industrial punk-and-dub-duo”. Both are involved in numerous projects as visual artists, as well as by playing in other bands. Bougatsos plays in Gang Gang Dance and Laska in Growing and Extreme Violence. U.I.D. came into existence when Bougatsos asked Laska to start a noise project, which they named with the “body issues” and “women stuff” inherent in Bougatsos performance art. A work by Bougatsos is currently on display at the museum in the exhibition ‘Rotating Views #2’ that consists of works from the Astrup Fearnley Collection.

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