Look Behind "Pink Agent" series 2010 oil and acrylic on Lambda print - 91 x 115 cm.

4 November to 25 December 2010 – camara oscura art gallery

First solo exhibition of the artist collective De Val & Leto opens at the camara oscura art gallery.
De Val & Leto is an exciting brand-new collective made up of a Spanish and a French artist: Cecilia de Val and Leto. Both are emerging artists with a promising career at international level. In this fascinating project they present an “intervened photographic work” in a shamanic manner by painting and installation with an attitude of attraction-repulsion for politics, mass culture and mass media.
Leto (Bordeaux, 1979) is a French artist who lives and works in Zaragoza since 2007. His main medium is painting but also works with installation and video.
“Leto is gifted and arouses difficulties in the viewer. He is attracted and repelled by the horrors of the mass consuming culture, politics and the ultra-violence of the mass media”.
Manuel Ocampo

Cecilia de Val (Zaragoza, 1975) is a gallery artist whom we exhibited with a very warm welcome last year. She explores the identity and the relationship of the individual with his environment. The crossover of genres like science-fiction literature, short stories, fantasy cinema, comics, and Renaissance painting produce disturbing and shifting images, nearly ungrasping, on the boundaries of the subconscious.
De Val exhibits her work at an international level and has won several awards like the Premio de Fotografía Estampa-Photografica of the Estampa art fair in Madrid, the Premio de Arte Santa Isabel de Portugal, and the Fundación José García Jiménez prize.

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