From January 28 to February 20 2011 – Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, with the participation of ‘Heritage International Art Gallery, presents Dmitry Ikonnikov’s solo exhibition. Long ago, he made a name for himself as a strong and independent artist, whose artistic style and a special world-view cannot be mistaken for anyone else’s. True to his education in graphic arts, Ikonnikov works exclusively on paper. His unique technique, which layers semi-transparent gouache on paper mounted on canvas, creates various texture effects that evoke either the natural roughness of a plastered wall, or the smooth mirrored surface of water, or the tightly puddled sand on the beach.

Ikonnikov remains aloof to the instructive pathos and epic scope. His recent works tell stories that seem to unfold before the spectator’s eyes and instantly turn into something archetypal, eternal and universal. Ikonnikov creates myths, while the spectator witnesses this creation.

«Fabric of Time» exhibition includes three cycles of works. The first one shows a seamstress diligently working on her dilapidated Zinger sewing machine. In these pieces, the plain story overgrows the everyday level of meaning and becomes a kind of universal encyclopedia of life. This life is the very ‘fabric of time’, where every stitch and every thread matter. The second cycle entitled ‘Male Stories’ presents characters meeting in courtyards, seated on crates or at tables in the park. The third cycle’s themes range from Paris to dolce far niente at Croatian or Montenegrin coasts of the Mediterranean. Ikonnikov presents these places, especially the capital of France, as dreams that come true, which corresponds to the mythological Paris inherent to Russian culture. Other works from St Petersburg surprisingly combine the everyday, prosaic nature of the Moscow cycles and the sublime dreaminess of the Paris series.

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