21st of August to the 10th of October – Kunsthalle Bern
The exhibition on Dora García, who was born in Spain and today lives in Brussels, features different media like film, video, photography and performance. The analysis of paradigms and conventions of art is a central motif in García’s works. To achieve this, she often uses texts and stories as a basis for scenarios which raise complex ethical and moral questions, and which yet remain entertaining and witty. Black humor is ever-present in García’s works, especially in the video Just because everything is different, it does not mean that anything has changed from 2008. The piece evokes the story of comedian Lenny Bruce, who was arrested in Australia in 1962 for making indecent statements in public after he had uttered one single sentence at the beginning of his first show in the country. The work Steal this Book, then, poses a dilemma to the visitor. Should he or she take the title of Abbie Hoffmann’s book at face value and steal one of the 250 books, thereby running the risk of being caught in the act in the museum?

The exhibition was produced in cooperation with Index Stockholm.

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