Edvard Munch, Madonna, 1895 Gift of Charles and Evelyn Kramer, New York, to the American friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1986

November 26th, 2010 – February 27th, 2011 – The Herakleidon Museum

The Herakleidon Museum is proud to announce the exhibition “Edvard Munch, Beyond the Scream”. The exhibition will include 80 graphic works of Edvard Munch from the Collection of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art – Gift of Charles and Evelyn Kramer, New York.
“He paints, or rather regards, things in a way that is different from that of other artists. He sees only the essential, and that, naturally, is all he paints. For this reason Munch’s pictures are as a rule ‘not complete’, as people are so delighted to discover for themselves. Oh, yes, they are complete. His complete handiwork. Art is complete once the artist has really said everything that was on his mind, and this is precisely the advantage Munch has over painters of the other generation, that he really knows how to show us what he has felt, and what has gripped him, and to this he subordinates everything else.” – Christian Krohg

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