Eszter SIPOS - Maybe we are already at the place, where we would like to be. (R. R.) / 2010 / acrylic on shaped wood / d=80 cm, 10 x 80 cm text

March 7, 2012 to April 14, 2012 – Viltin Gallery

Eszter Sipos represents everyday life situations, where people and scenes are rebuilt through an abstract composition. All of them have different styles, techniques and treat different topics, but at the end they raise the same questions and sometimes give answers to the visitor.

Eszter SIPOS - Parallel steps / 2008 / acrylic, oil on canvas / 125 x 125 cm

oday’s ideal woman is multifunctional. She combines traditional female roles with the modern image of the smart, sexy woman. Her exciting radiance emanates precisely from the flashes of unexpected role changes. Eszter Sipos follows a similar path when working out the refined broth of her paintings: Beauty and knowledge is blended with a touch of coquettish charm. At times, their surfaces are babbly and gushing, at other times philosophically succinct. Their characters are so familiar (frequently taken out of magazines), still, become unusual through the painter’s peculiar point of view. Her works manifest the “bipolar personality” of today’s painting, and their peculiar character derives from the dual appeal of tradition and innovation, abstraction and figurativism, popular and elite culture.”(Emese Révész)

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