Falke Pisano, Figure 1 (Context, Past, Present, Future), 2009

17 September to 31 October 2010 – Extra City –  Kunsthal Antwerpen

Over the last five years the Dutch artist Falke Pisano has steadily developed a series of works brought together under the title Figures of Speech. The cycle of works, of which a selection is presented in the project room of Extra City, can be described as the result of a detailed examination of processes that occur, when ‘objects’ start shifting their form, materiality, meaning, description, understanding, role, agency…

In Pisano’s investigations, all pieces of art, whether objects, performances, texts, videos or interviews, are embedded in a continuous circulation, an ongoing exchange of ideas and forms through time and space – an exchange through which transformation occurs.
Like the playful shadows of a perpetuum mobile, in this process new figures, new constellations and new meanings are constantly being generated. Pisano, in turn, captures this in language and thereby generates new meaning and new works.
The constellation of these works, which has grown increasingly complex over the years, culminates in her recent publication Figures of Speech, made in collaboration with designer, artist, writer and editor Will Holder. They have used the book to expose the circulation and exchange of language, ideas and forms in the different works. The book shows that a transfer from one work to another often involves a change of status, a reflection within a different context or a further elaboration on an idea. Several formulations come back in different works, formulations of ideas for works become works, descriptions of works are used in preceding or following works and there is an exchange between descriptive or explanatory texts about the work and the work itself.

For (Conditions of Agency) Pisano now seizes the opportunity to take a step back, reintroducing some key elements of this assemblage into the exhibition context, thus letting her work unfold in a new configuration of time and space.

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