Eduardo Michaelsen - Los Gallitos

June 4 to June 27th – Zu Galeria Fine Arts – Little Havana

A group exhibit, featuring artists, who came via El Mariel boatlift 30 years ago. Some were children then, others adults, but all have one thing in common, besides being artists … all are Marielitos…

Abdiel Acosta
Carlos Alfonso
Valentin Alvarez-Campos
Florencio Capestany
Ana Carballosa
Mario Castañeda
Carlos Diaz Barrios
Pedro Damian
Humberto Dionisio
Casimiro Gonzalez
Victor Gomez
Pablo Hernandez
Eduardo Michaelsen
Luis Molina
Jose Ramon Morales
Juan Navarrete
Tony Nuñez
Miguel Ordoqui
Luis Pardini
Trinidad Pino
Juan Lara
Carlos Rafael
Manuel Revuelta
Jesus Redruello
Cepp Selgas
Andres Valerio
Luis Vega
Sinuhé Vega
Luis Venegas

I bid farewell to the sea… May it never happen again, for many lives were lost out there in the ocean…
To those that are no longer with us, I dedicate this exhibit in your memory… 30 years later!
Manny Lopez 

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