From June 10 2011 to March 4, 2012 – Archea – Musée (Louvres)

The museum invites you to experience the pleasure and taste of the medieval kitchen: the pleasure of sitting down to a table, to savor the food, share a meal because of the need to eat and participate in a social and cultural practice.
What was it like to cook during the Middle Ages in Western France? What were the utensils used? What dishes were the medieval man favourite? How he kept food? What were the techniques of cooking? The monks, peasants, nobles and notables did they eat the same thing and the same way? What were the constraints imposed on a daily basis by the Church? So many questions that Ripailles and scraps plans to meet with support collections Archéa and many loans from other museums: the department museum of Oise in Beauvais , Musée d’Art and Archaeology Senlis , National Museum of the Middle Ages – Cluny Museum , Archaeology Unit of Saint-Denis .

Cooking Utensils

By a dynamic and sensitive approach this exhibition that is open to all public seeks to understand the pleasures and flavors of the Middle Ages. Organized on a thematic journey, the show seeks to define first how and what feeds the man of the Middle Ages and the other in what context and how he eats. She exhibition recalls the dominant role of the Church on food and information on the different way to eat of the paysans and bourgeois .


An exhibition organized to follow a course in which the five senses of the visitor will awake: presentation of archaeological material, staging of medieval foods and flavors supported by interactive scenography: aromatic scents, smells of cooked dishes, ambient sounds … Central to the exhibition, two reconstructions will address the kitchen table in a farm and in an appartment of middle class: two worlds and different dietary patterns that provide information on the role of certain foods and practices as social factors.

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