photographer Ekaterina Pavlovskaya and artist Oleg Ognenny

October 15 — November 7, 2010 – Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Forest Vision project is a fascinating magical world that Fire Lady creative group built within the walls of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Members of this group are artist Oleg Ognenny and photographer Ekaterina Pavlovskaya.

The first floor of the museum is turned into a total installation — a magical forest inhabited by spirits and fantastic characters. The multilayered composition includes mannequins of fairytale heroes in designer costumes and accessories, plaster and papier-maché sculptures, photographs framed in caskets, videos, 3D decorations, and light and sound effects. The core of the exhibition is original costumes by Oleg Ognenny from Spirits of the Woods collection, as well as photographic works by Ekaterina Pavlovskaya. Every detail of the project is hand-made and presents an independent piece of art, while together they form an integral artistic object.

The idea of the project is to show that colorful fairytales can exist in today’s real life and that everyone has a chance to feel as a dweller of a magical world. Visitors at the exhibition can meet various amazing creatures, including species from the animal kingdom, fairytale characters familiar from the early childhood, and contemporary celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Marilyn Monroe, and Mick Jagger.

The authors use the technique of multilayered three-dimensional collage, which brings more volume and depth to the compositions. Anything can become the artist’s instrument and thus obtain new qualities, becoming a part of a big installation. Just as a painter lays strokes on a canvas, here the frames are filled with figurines of animals, crystals, skulls, crowns, plumes, chains, and anything else. This project is remarkable for unusual combinations of objects and textures, new and vintage things, real and fantastic images. During the exhibition, even the museum attendants will transform into fairytale characters, with the help of specially designed costumes and accessories.

On the exhibition every visitor can find things close to their minds and hearts, for all of us desperately lack fairytale in our daily routine

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