Johannes Greenberg (1887 – 1951) Igavesti naiselik. 1943 Õli, vineer Eesti Kunstimuuseum Forever Feminine. 1943 Oil, plywood Art Museum of Estonia

Until the 13th of November 2011 – Adamson-Eric Museum – Art Museum of Estonia

The exhibition Forever Feminine  at the Adamson-Eric Museum, displays the part of the oeuvres of the painter Johannes Greenberg and the sculptor Ferdi Sannamees that values the eternally beautiful and harmonious aspects of femininity.

The exhibition clearly reflects the dynamic of the modernist tendencies of the first half of the 20th century, and highlights the unique work of two Estonian artists, Johannes Greenberg and Ferdi Sannamees. Both masters expressed the complex spiritual states of their portrayed people in a psychologically convincing and artistically remarkable way throughout their lives.

The talents of Johannes Greenberg (1887–1951) and Ferdi Sannamees (1895–1963) were supplemented by their study environments. After the acquisition of art education in their homeland, both artists had direct contacts with the various art centres of Europe. Munich, Dresden, Moscow and Paris are only a few of the metropolises where they studied, lived and showed their work.

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