06/26/2010 to 08/15/2010 – Musée Ianchelevici
Self-taught artist from the raw, teacher and librarian training who chose to devote himself entirely to the creativity for over twenty years.
The temporary exhibition spaces of the Musée Ianchelevici and the rooms of the permanent collection will provide the framework for this “monography” for which a coherent and retrospective group of sculptures of “petit granite”, marble from Carrara, onyx, bronze or composite material as well as many pointillist drawings has been imagined.

Present in all his “Plastic Reflections” poetry will be here as the common denominator of this event since, will incessant back and forth between his practice as a sculptor, his desire to manipulate words and his musical experiences, the artist, attributing  a creative power to the subconscious, is guided by his inspiration in a modus operandi similar to automatic writing.

The exhibition also provides an opportunity to highlight the collaboration that has developed Fredy Taminiaux with other artists and artisans, “licières”, lace-makers, embroiders, glass blowers, print-makers, chocolate-makers … who were inspired by his creations.

Cultural activities are scheduled around literary and musical moments orchestrated by the artist and his company poetic and musical collaboration with “The Art and Life tour” of the French Community of Belgium.  Map

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