Until the 4th of July 2010
Futurism is not future. Futurism is not an excess of modernity. Futurism means: unique artistic happening. Free. Fascination with the present. The irreversible course of “progress.” It is visual arts, literature, film, architecture, theater, dance, cuisine and fashion.

Starting April 1, Fundación Proa presents The Universe of Futurism. 1909 – 1936, a historic exhibition with more than 240 works from the MART and under the curator-ship of its director, Gabriella Belli. The exhibition uncovers the creative fury of the Futurists in a variety of disciplines, starting in 1909 with the avant-garde adventure led by the poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. A vision of the world: a system of creation put to the service of novelty, ignoring the past, accompanying the rise of electric lighting in early 20th century Italy, the noise of automobiles, the emergence of industries. The metamorphosis of large cities: Houses will last less time than us, anticipates one of the movement’s manifestos.

A documentary section provides an account of Marinetti’s Travels to Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay (in 1926 and 1936), and the controversial opinions of the intellectuals of that period. The works of the Latin American Futurist artist Emilio Pettoruti are also shown here.

This historic exhibition is spread over four rooms, each one giving identity to the various disciplines in dialogue. It is a universe of contradictions and freedoms that shows the creative capacity of the first historical vanguards and their utopian ambitions.

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