Joaquín Torres–García: Constructivist Construction with Geometric Forms – 1943. Oil on card board

February 11 to may 15, 2011 – Foundation Juan March

The exhibition of Latin-American abstraction, presented at the March foundation, intends to be as exhaustive as possible, and the three hundred works by fifty artists demonstrate this will. Framed by two fundamental figures -Uruguayan Joaquín Torres-García and Venezuelan Jésus Rafael Soto, both having spent long periods in Europe- the show draws an assessment that includes painting and photography, as well as sculpture, the influences of the European avant-garde and the persistence of the indigenous element. The time period chosen– 1934-1973 – gives a symbolic touch (these are the dates on which the two artists mentioned earlier returned to their countries) but also allows us to cover the most exciting moment of the continent’s history. The crisis of the thirties, Vargas’ and Peron’s authoritarian regimes and the Cuban revolution found an expression, one way or another, in abstract art…
The exhibition offers a vision of a Latin America that differs from the normal stereotype: rather than a hasty and clichéd identification of the continent with the intense heat of spontaneity, or an association of the concept of the indigenous with that of the tropics and the Caribbean, the work of these artists in fact points to a “cold” South America: objective, geometrical and rational, and one that gave rise to a fascinating and surprising type of abstract art.

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