Photo: Martin Klimas

February 10 through March 11, 2012 – LehmbruckMuseum – Centre for International Sculpture

LehmbruckMuseum showcases the works of the internationally renowned jewellery artist Georg Hornemann for the first time.
The complex oeuvre of Georg Hornemann breaks up the common perception of traditional jewellery art as many of his works focus on sculptural effect. Hence, the LehmbruckMuseum, which possesses an outstanding collection of international modern art with an emphasis on first-rate sculpture and plastic art, for the first time dedicates an exhibition in a museum context to the jewellery artist Georg Hornemann.

As a gold smith and artist, Georg Hornemann has developed his personal style since the early 1960s and, in so doing, he has accomplished a confident handling of technique and material. In his works he has repeatedly drawn inspiration from the most different influences and styles, above all, from art, architecture and nature, and has channelled these impulses into his versatile gold works. Already in 1967 he received his first international award for outstanding jewellery design and subsequently won almost all important contests. His art, wrote the journalist Jonas Kleber about him, is “provocative, spectacular and of first-class quality”. Hornemann himself says about his works: “Nature provides design with romanticism, maybe even a sense of folly. The strength of my pieces of jewellery is that nature lives on in them, even in highly abstracted forms. Designing my objects is an activity that has to do with movement, changes of perspective and fantasy”.

In an interior design specially built for the museum and reminiscent of a cabinet of wonder, complex ring creations, objects and sculptures are presented that have been executed mainly over the last five years. Next to objects and ring sculptures, small-scale sculptures take centre stage within the exhibition. For the most part these have been cast in bronze, besides there is a small impressive group of figurative pieces made from gold. For museum director Raimund Stecker it was obvious to relate the surreal worlds by Georg Hornemann to the painting “The Temptation of St Anthony” by Max Ernst, which is also on display in the museum.

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