Gertrud SchlesingModerne Träume, Detail: Brandmauer, 2010

Until the 6 of March 2011 – Gerhard Marcks Haus museum

Gertrud Schleissing has added another dimension to her collages. The scenes commentary and ironic stories were recorded on a sheet of paper and styrofoam. The stories done like that are much more concrete than on a sheet of paper. One more dimension makes it special. Specifically, it will be because the found objects and scraps of paper are always associated with living and above all with the promise of better living. The utensils for glossy happiness can obscure the relationship, dramas and stories that take place in these rooms, from each new angle, a new aspect of real life in the penthouse number there.

The method of the artist, makes it particularly visible, as the illusion of the material has become a consumer society. Consider:  this society consumed primarily illusions about the long term, it solved hunger or other feelings of emptiness. Through the detour of the childlike and seemingly naive, Gertrud Schleissing has found a way today to create something similar to the moralistic art of the early bourgeoisie: the viewer sees himself and his company.

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