Gustav Klimt - Bildnis einer Dame mit Cape und Hut im Dreiviertelprofil, 1897-98 - Schwarze und rote Kreide - © Albertina, Wien

From March 14, 2012 toJune 10,  2012 – The Albertina

The great popularity of the illustrator Gustav Klimt is primarily based on the intoxicating sensuality of his female studies from the nude. The exhibition Gustav Klimt – The Drawings memorably visualises just how complex his draughtsmanship really is. The Albertina is showing a large part of its famous Klimt holdings, which consist of 170 sheets. The show is supplemented by outstanding loans from Austrian and international collections. The exhibition features a rich spectrum of figure studies, monumental work drawings and pictorial allegories. Klimt created fascinating effects with economical technical means: with chalk, pencil or coloured pencils, occasionally with a pen or watercolours and gold paint. Several series of figure studies are found in the Albertina that were created by Klimt in connection with important allegorical paintings or portraits. In these sheets he got to the essence of a certain pose, movement or frame of mind step by step. Each sheet has an autonomous significance.

Gustav Klimt - Studie eines Frauenkopfes im Dreiviertelprofil für die "Unkeuschheit" im "Beethovenfries", 1901-1902 - Albertina, Wien

articularly these rarely shown series convey deep insight into the work methods and the mental and emotional universe of an artist who practically never spoke about his art.

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