14 0f May to 11 of July 2010
Hans Heysen (1877–1968) is one of Australia’s best-known artists. He was an influential artist, one whose work was pivotal to the development of Australian landscape art in the twentieth century. Comprising 80 works, the exhibition includes oil paintings, watercolours, drawings and prints. It showcases Heysen’s well-known landscapes celebrating the magnificence of the Australian gum tree and his groundbreaking paintings of the Flinders Ranges.

Ron Radford, Director of the National Gallery of Australia, has observed: ‘Heysen made the monumental Australian gum tree the hero of his nationalistic Federation-period pictures. In 1926 his painting was revitalised by the first of his many trips to the rocky region of the central Flinders Ranges which suddenly added a new dry and sculptural style, in reds and amber, to the Australian landscape repertory’.