Heather Hermann - Farewell Cosmos - Oil on Canvas - 36” x 36”

From May 31st 2012     – Sin City Gallery

Romance and technology merge as one. Heather Hermann aka “Calliopie” presents a elegantly sexual view into the philosophy of love, and the fascination of repressed desires exemplified by the classic hard-style of pre-WWII Art Deco Germany.
Heather is 23 years old and is a native of Las Vegas. Attended LVA and graduated with a diploma in AP Visual Arts and Photography.

Heather Hermann - The Execution of Princess Von Hildus and Her Hero - Oil on Canvas - 30” x 48”

he is a current local rising Las Vegas artist star and has participated in several events contributing to the Cast and Reunion Showgirl Reunions, First Friday and much more. Heather works with Sin City Gallery and is prepping to show at Blackbird Studios this winter.
Heather now works at Emergency Arts in the Las Vegas Downtown Area.

Sin City Gallery