Heather Nevay - POYSON’D CLOUD – OIL ON PANEL - 51CM X 40.5CM

From February 11th to March 3rd, 2012 – 101/exhibit Gallery

Heather Nevay was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 13th January 1965. She studied at Glasgow School of Art and graduated with BA Hons., Art and Design (Printed Textiles) in 1988.

Heather exhibits regularly at the Compass Gallery and Cyril Gerber Fine Art, Glasgow, and the Portal Gallery, London. Heather has also exhibited many times in important mixed shows at The Royal Scottish Academy, The Society of Scottish Artists, The Royal Glasgow Institute, and at the London and Glasgow Art Fairs.

Heather uses symbolism to express ideas of heroism, weakness, fear and the shifting balance of human relationships. Her paintings are mostly figurative with colour being an important element of her work.

Heather Nevay - FLESCH HOOK - OIL ON PANEL - 60CM X46.5

a child’s imagination the doll’s house becomes a reliquary of precious memories and beloved treasures, or factories where alchemy turns rose petals to perfume, and tears are rendered into flesh hued clouds overhead.  Noah’s Ark becomes a prison for wooden animals being led by the butcher’s boy to an uncertain fate.  Power and control holds a heady allure in the world of childhood games and roleplay.”

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