pripyat- spraypaint, india ink and acrylic on canvas 75 X 50

From June 11 to July 31, 2011 – 101/exhibit
Beikirch whose personal bio is as mysterious as the work he produces, has developed an idiosyncratic spray-painting technique that causes the mists of paint to take on characteristics of water- colors, or of chemical erosion. There is a soft painterly realism to his work that is unlike any other street artist of our time. His portraits often reveal  the glimpse of hope present in the eye of its subject. His fascination with the layperson struggle to live in a world bearing down on them provide some of the most striking reflections of our own plight. To achieve this with such unconventional methods  and materials is astounding.

untitled - work on paper

The works of Claudio Ethos are often twisted manipulations  of images and landscapes that are at once familiar, and yet entirely foreign. His illustrative flourishes make for brilliant eye candy, but there are richly prychologicol themes in his work that are quite clever, cunning and subversive. A great surrealist, his works incorporate narrative elements suggestive of dream analysis, myth and dada. Born in Sao Paulo a thriving metropolis with a clear disparity between the haves and have-nots, Ethos’ art is an awakening of the mind from the binds of in urban assimilation. An innovator as well, the speed and confidence of his spray-painting techniques are mind blowing.

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