From the 13th of November 2010 to the 16th of January 2011 – Overgaden. Institute of Contemporary Art
This will be a rare opportunity to experience a solo-exhibition by Henriette Heise (b. 1965), who at Overgaden will present new site-specific works combined with already existing works. The exhibition will weave through Heise’s poetic and intriguing body of work that unfolds as a universe of disproportions, dreams, dark, fabric, and circles.

“The visual artist Henriette Heise works with graphics, fabric collage, film, the Internet, photography, posters, papier-maché, drawings … Actually I’m writing this myself, so I won’t pretend I’ve asked someone else to write it. I work collectively or alone, but always as part of a context. I think I am never alone; I am inspired by others – artists or just other people who give me a feeling of hope. I do screenings and exhibitions, just around the corner or round about in the world, but I won’t bore you with a detailed CV…
…It is my job to protect the fragile. My language is not powerful and that is probably what makes me listen for the fragile, almost language-less positions. In my artistic work it is my ambition, critically and poetically, to expand the language, the modes of seeing and sensibilities we use to interpret and represent the world. My practice and work production unfold in a labyrinthine universe in the space between institutional exhibitions and free-floating Internet projects. My works are not conclusions, but points along the way in an exploratory process.”   Henriette Heise

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