Ann Sophie Stærk - In the House - 2011

From 7th January to 18 February 2011 – Rohde Contemporary

ROHDE CONTEMPORARY opens the 2011 season with new works by Marianne Hesselbjerg and Ann Sophie Stærk.
The minimalist works by Marianne Hesselbjerg challenge, in a brilliant way, the balance between sensual presence and the narrative. And explore sculptural issues as the relationship between mass and space, boundaries,course, structure and texture. On display at ROHDE CONTEMPORARY is a selection of new works in wood by Marianne Hesselbjerg as well as a few older works.
Ann Sophie Stærk has, under the title ‘Royal stardust Exposure’, created new explosive drawings and paintings. The NY based Danish artist takes with her characteristic color abundance, the viewer into her own dream world. She describes the works as dream souvenirs – where modernist and geometric structures are challenged by the historical and adventurous.

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